Recent News

On Site Supervision

Forms requesting on-site school attendance are now available. Attendance at school is only available for children where parents cannot work from home (essential service worker), who the school identifies as vulnerable, or children with a disability who also fit one of the above two categories.

Whole School Assembly

I have sent out new invites for our whole school assembly this morning due to clashes with class sessions we will now hold assemblies on FRIDAY's beginning 14th Aug at 9:30. The meeting number and password remains the same. Sorry for the mix up.

Morning Roll call

Classes will have daily webex meetings during remote learning 2.0.Please make sure you have tested out the technology so that the sessions can go without hic-ups. Any issues please contact us here at school so we can support your child's full participation.

Comparing fractions

Learning is about more than doing a worksheet. Last week our grade 4's were learning all about fractions by comparing the size of various fractions on a stringline representing one whole. By the end of the session students could tell you which fraction of one was larger or smaller when compared.

100 Days of Learning P/1M

100 days wiser... Our prep/1 class just managed to sneak in a celebration of 100 days school for 2020 before we shifted to remote learning 2.0The students dressed up as centenarians and spent a lovely day celebrating all things 100.

Remote Learning 2.0

This week we move back into remote and flexible learning. Given the sudden changes there are reduced expectations around what students will need to complete this week.

Breakfast Club

Due to covid-19 we have been unable to start our breakfast club. This has led to us having a wonderful supply of breakfast items that we simply need to find a use for. If your family would like a hamper of goodies please bring an empty box into the office and we can fill it for free. Hate to waste!

2021 Enrolment

A reminder that all enrolment forms for Prep children 2021 are due back here at school by Friday 14th August.