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We are all in this together...

We have really shown we can count on each other during tough times...THANK-YOU (make full screen and enjoy :)

Prep- Year 3 Back To School

WELCOME BACK Grades Prep to 3! So excited to head back to school today after 6 weeks of remote learning. To help save time we came in our PJ's... Great to see everyone's smiling faces.

Term 1 Attendance Awards

Term 1 saw 13 students achieve 100% attendance and a further 20 students with 94% or above attendance rates. Congratulations to: Cooper W, Leah, Anna, Cooper B, Ethan, Xavier, Olinto, Savanna, Imogen, Ben, Ellen, Luciana and Peyton on their 100% attendance. Lunch order winner- Savanna :)

Gotcha Card Challenge!

Our team 'Gotcha' challenge has launched again for the term with Ely, Ayla and Lilly displaying consideration during our first day back on site together. Congratulations Ely, Ayla and Lilly.

Whole School Assembly

Monday at 10:30 we are holding our school assembly with year 4, 5 & 6's joining us from home.It's a chance to share some of the highlights of the week and to award students who have gone above and beyond in their efforts with learning tasks over the week. (The same link is used each week.)

Bus Deliveries

Our bus delivery service continues for our 4/5/6 students who can now also return their library books on their red bag day of Thursday.

Request for Site Supervision

While we don’t anticipate there will be many, some families may have a need for students to be supervised on site ie: Parents who are essential workers such as medical workers and where no other arrangements can be made. Families who feel they may need to access this support must contact me prior.  

Advice on coronavirus

With daily changes we find ourselves considering so many facts and opinions. Just like we teach our kids, we must weigh up where this information is coming from. The site to refer to is: