Big Talk

 Here's a sample of the quality writing that followed:
The scenario used was the giant ant and soldiers...

Running, fighting, trying. It seemed the past month had revolved around these words. Life wasn't fair, and I knew it, but that didn't stop us from believing it could be. Gasps of air were trying to make their way through his damaged lungs. Jamie's heart beat was becoming faint. A huge black creature was heading our way. It's huge foot was about to land on top of us. I grabbed Jamie's foot and pulled him over the edge of the trench. His heartbeat was becoming fainter and fainter, until it stopped. A cold tear ran down my face.
The huge creature started digging, I didn't understand why, until Jenny screamed out, "He's trying to get into the ant hole." If this was a movie or T.V. show I would probably find that funny. An ant that is bigger than a blue whale trying to get into a tiny ant hole but, this ant, or whatever it was, had killed my best friend and we had to stop it, we have to. Terrible thoughts filled my head as I threw up and started coughing. My eyes fell shut. As I awoke the light stung my eyes. My wife was sitting in a chair. When she saw me wake she rushed over and gave me a hug. "What happened?" I asked.
"Your arm got infected," she replied. I looked down to see my terrible wounds, but something was wrong. My arm wasn't there. "It was either the arm go or you go." My wife said with teary eyes. "Um the doctor said you can come home tonight, but no work, no standing and nothing stressful."
It felt good to be back in my own bed. I grabbed the remote with my remaining arm and put on the news. They showed the ant invading New York. I was happy to be home, but i felt like I was needed there. Then a thought came into my mind. I had an idea. I have to go back.