Year 6 Award Winners 2020

Our graduating year 6's have celebrated the end of their primary education with the following awards and scholarships being given:

Lion's Citizenship Awards:
Leah Robb & Noah Clark

Emma McVilly Memorial Scholarship:
Joint winners Eve & Hope Ayres

James Guy Community Award:
Cooper Whiting

We are very proud of our little school and the support many local groups give to us. It speaks volumes for the community that we are able to give out 4 major awards each year to our graduating students due to the wonderful generosity of the community.

This year has been one like no other. Who could have foreseen the massive flexibility that we would be expected to enact back in February when we welcomed our small group of 5 year 6’s and asked them to take up roles of leadership at Simpson Primary School.

We don’t need to wish our graduating class good luck into the future because we know they are ready.

Have fun, keep smiling and be your best selves moving forward.