Simpson Primary School Celebrates 50 Years

Simpson Primary School celebrated a very special milestone this week.

The 31st of May marked 50 years since the official opening of the school by Mr Lindsay Thompson, the then Education Minister.

On Tuesday, the current students and staff were joined by current members of the school council, pastPrincipal Carol Fulford, Brian Gleeson, who was President of the school council 50 years ago, Sue Stevens and Debbie Smith.

Sue Stevens, who was a student when the school opened, made cupcakes for each of the students and decorated the birthday cake with the school logo, a Dragon.

We plan to have a “50 years of Simpson Primary School” celebration later in the year and are now calling for people to be involved in the organising committee.

If you are a past student, parent or staff member and would like to be involved in helping with the celebrations please contact Simpson Primary School on 55943298 or 0458 943298 or Sue Stevens - 0427 3525