Simpson Primary School has an academic focus where all children are encouraged and challenged to work hard to achieve their best.

Students of Simpson Primary school can assist their progress and achievement at school by focusing on development of the following "6 C's to School Success"


1. Character

Resilience- bouncing back 

Optimism - even when things are hard to do, you can do it.
Giving Effort- the harder you try, the greater your success
Working Tough- to be successful, sometimes you have to do things that are not easy.

Keeping Perspective - on a scale of 10 is it really that bad.
Staying Calm- maintain your cool in the face of adversity.


2. Citizenship

Being Tolerant of Others - accept that all people are different and make mistakes.
Playing by the Rules -by following school expectations, school will be a safer place in which to live and learn.
Thinking First- before reacting, think first of different ways to resolve setbacks or conflicts.


3. Collaboration

Inclusiveness- ensuring everyone feels they belong and are valued.

Working - interdependently and in teams.

Setting Goals - plan the steps to realise your goals.

Planning Time– plan enough time to get the task done.


4. Creativity

Self Acceptance - making a mistake doesn't make you bad.
Risk Taking – it's good to try something new.
Independence – try new activities and don't be afraid to speak up.


5. Communication

Effectively sharing - thoughts ideas and opinions.
Active listening- remembering that communication is a two part process speaking & listening.

6. Critical Thinking

Evaluating information- considering others points of view.


Literacy and numeracy are a focus in the mornings with Inquiry Learning units implemented in the afternoons
Physical Education, Library and Science are provided as specialist subjects.

There is a strong sense of community ownership of the school with the parents taking great pride in the school's facilities, supporting fundraising, helping in the classrooms and with excursions and camps.

Our School Council requests all helpers in our school have current 'Working with Children' status. This can be done for free here.

Once you have completed the application, please take a copy to the office to be added to our register.