During remote learning 2.0 students will have the opportunity to take part in library activities on a Friday.

Each class has tasks that will be set and any paperwork for them will be included in the 'red packs.'

Webex class sessions will be on Fridays with 11:30  being for the P/1 M class, 12;30 for 2/3 G and 10:00 for 4/5/6 

Links for these will be sent via parent e-mail for next Friday 14th August.


All activities will be posted here below with instructions about the follow up.



Excitement is building this term with the children getting ready for a special sessions with Jackie French- author.

We have begun looking at some of her books together as we prepare a list of questions for our interview with her.


Jackie is a prolific writer who has shown great flexibility with her books coming from a wide variety of styles and genre including: picture story books, historic novels and fiction novels.


Don't forget library bags are needed to borrow books from the library. All returns come to school via the bus run on a Friday and will be returned that afternoon. 


4/5/6 Activities:


Each child is to log in to EPIC (library code required) and undertake both assigned reading tasks.


We are continuing our work on understanding biography writing by reading the assigned biography in EPIC.


Looking at the assigned reading of "How to write a History"  is available on EPIC. While you read you will need to be preparing for your own writing task during week 3 of RL which will be writing your own historical story just like Jackie does. Week three pack will include the planning instructions.


We will meet before hand on webex.


2/3 G Activity


We will read an aboriginal story together on line.


How Kangaroos Got Their Tails


Following this the class have a code task in their red packs.


Prep 1 M


Watch the story of "Wombat Wins"

There will be a follow up task in next weeks red pack.

We will meet on webex on Friday 14th August.